Thursday, July 10, 2014

Larissa Riquelme: Paraguay winner, I will be naked

Larissa Riquelme re-create the sensation. Plump-bodied models are promised will be naked when Paraguay won the Copa America 2011.
 Larissa Riquelme
It promises both Riquelme in the past year. Previously she was also a similar oath when Los Guaranies-nickname-Paraguay participated in the 2010 World Cup. "If Paraguay won the Copa America, I would be naked on the ground," said Riquelme, before witnessing Paraguay face Ecuador in qualifying Group B at the Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao López, Santa Fe, Sunday (3 / 7). Riquelme's determination did not seem to be heard Paraguay. Because, they only play 0-0. These results clearly complicate the chances of qualifying for the next round. Because, Paraguay still have to meet Brazilian favorites and dark horses in Venezuela next game. Apart from that, Riquelme optimistic Paraguay will still record a good performance and win the trophy three Copa America following the previous success in 1953 and 1979. "I think our chances are pretty open," she said, as she promised to come to the Paraguay game in Argentina. 
Larissa Riquelme 
 At the tournament in South Africa, Riquelme ready to strip all her clothes and ran in Asoncion with body-colored paint covered only the flag of Paraguay. Condition, Paraguay won the tournament in South Africa. Along the way Justo Villar et al who made history by entering the quarter-finals for the first time, Riquelme then rectify and willing to fulfill his words to conquer Spain and Paraguay as long as qualifying for the semifinals. Unfortunately, Gerardo Martino troops fell 0-1 in the round. Riquelme's statement was just a sensation. Because, she's still posing naked in various media. "This is a gift to all players who have struggled in the field and community Paraguay to be enjoyed," she said. Some time later the figure of 26-year-old admitted just want to jump-start his name using the amount of global attention to the World Cup. Her strategy proved telling. Riquelme was recorded as the highest earning model in Paraguay because of sponsors coming in using her services.