Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to Make Sexy Selfie.

Some beauties are not prejudiced against exposing their looks for wide social media circles. They just post their sexy selfies. And these women differ from cute teens to nice milfs. Despite fact they are not pro models and their photographs are not set as well as it is in shoots for glamour magazines, they happen to be as hot as possible. In this special by BC there are some of the best sexy selfies from web together with some things you should know about them. Boobs Chronicle will explain to you everything about how to make the fabulous Sexy Selfie.

There are some tips about how to Make Sexy Selfie.
Go to mirror. Find the best place where you can expose your beauty. First of all take lighting in account as it influences quality of image. You may use the mirror as it reflects light and fills space with it and also standing in front of mirror you'll be able to see object of shot (yourself) better. People often do sexy selfies at bathroom or at bedroom. That may look trivial to you, but do not forget that such choice has its advantages. Private places like this are those were you are most relaxed and you can be sure that no one will disturb you. If you are lover of extreme you may choose to do it somewhere outdoors, hiding from others. It can be parking lot or something else, but don’t forget to be sure you are well hidden, except you don’t want to be exposed there.

Take your clothes off. Decide how much of your clothe you are ready to take off and thus how much of clothes will be left on you. Also you may choose to wear some sexy pieces of underwear or some parts of costume you specially like, for example wonder woman costume. Also consider whether you are absolutely ready to show your face together with revealed parts of your flesh. Remember that when excited people may do things they regret after. If you are that excited find a way to get more relaxed and then decide finally. Wearing lingerie is not that bad indeed. Usually one can see all of advantages of person’s body when this body is still covered with little of delicate lingerie. That means almost everything except ‘babydoll’ set (girls know what I am talking about). But actually even babydoll can be transparent enough to show a lot. Showing what color one’s nipples are and some additional specifics of private parts is more question of exhibitionism and matter of pleasing others. If it is pleasure to you to please others in this way it is your choice.

Take a shot. Choose the most efficient pose. That can be something dynamic (it's when pose is so that you cannot keep it for long) or it may be the simplest thing, but it should work well for looks of your body. That's the major rule. Also chose positioning of yourself into frame and if you use Instagram you may choose filter too. You may choose to quote from some professional photo shoot like one of Playboy's. But remember that culture if selfie in most cases means making simplest but nice photos of you. Sometimes it is really nice to be peculiar and spontaneous.

Share. Choose users who will enjoy your picture. It can be entire world or only selected persons. It also can be only one very special person whom you show beauty of your body with special pleasure. The latter option is very natural thing as giving pleasure to someone who pleases you is great thing for sure. Also choose what comment to write. It may serve to increase attention or just to make note for you only. The most important what you should do is to enjoy the process. Are you ready? Then good luck for you! 

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