Monday, September 15, 2014

Hottest German Soap Stars Who Posed for Playboy.

While American Playboy headhunters lost their ability to place top stars of their country en mass on magazine’s cover which they possessed in nineties, Germany still stays country where top famous women from spheres of entertainment and sports are available for such opportunity. In this special BC presents top eleven hottest Germany’s actresses who posed for Playboy and plus one meteo girl. If you like soap operas you may find one more reason to do so. And if you don't like them then maybe you will like german hot soap stars.

Anneke Durkopp is recognized as Germany's hottest eather forecaster. Her photo shoot for playboy was as hot as summer sun in august.
Claudelle Deckert has participated in cooking realities for couple of times. And her playboy photo shoot was devoted to sweet cooking... During her career she participated in more than dozen television series.

Indira Weisis singer and actress seen in many ZDF, ARD (das Erste) and RTL TV shows.

Ivonne Schönherr is actress who once portrayed teacher in one of soap operas. She appeared in more than forty television projects.

LaFee is german singer and actress.

Melanie Marschke is best known for her criminal TV series appearances. 
Juliette Menke is star of Alles Was Zahlt series.

Sila Şahin is probably biggest provocateur in history of German Playboy publishing. As her photo shoot appeared on pages of magazine it was stated that she became first Muslim woman to pose for Playboy nude. That made scandal that she probably could even enjoy as interest to her person extended. Editor in chief of Germany's Playboy then stated that she is not actually muslim. Sila is from Kurdish family and her parents are immigrants from Turkey. Despite she was born in Berlin, there indeed was some kind of protest and some activists manifested that Muslim people of Germany should boycott TV series with her participation. But probably scandal was not that big. That was another celebrity buzz, despite fact that exotic (especially for Germany) looks of this beautiful actress who indeed has awesome body made it all spicier.

Tanja Wenzel is actress famous for her participation in Es Kommt Noch Dikker series.

Monica Ivancan is an actress and model with Croatian roots.

Sophia Thomallais an interesting example of dynasty. Alike to her mother she was able to become an actress appearing in soap opera production. And also she posed for Playboy as her mother did years before... There is really something about European traditions. Sophia's photo shoot for popular men's magazine appeared to be one of the most interesting ones ever. She beautifully took off her clothes in environments of ancient castle portraying mysterious lady owner possessing certain charms.

Das Erste (Channel One Germany), RTL and ZDF are three most popular channels in country. Most of famous soap operas are broadcasted through this TV channels.