Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nude Celebrity Selfies - is Kate Upton in Danger?

Current international celebrity scandal featuring Kate Upton exploded as hacked nude photos of stars leaked to web. That raised questions of internet sefaty as we cannot be sure about availability of our iCloud and Google files to those who are not supposed to get them. Another speculated issue is that stars including gorgeous Kate were put into danger. What danger it is for Kate Upton? Do you really believe that she will suffer something? That she will become less famous? Maybe it is danger for other stars as their unedited photos may appear to be not as good as ones from their pro photo shoots. But it is not problem for Kate Upton. Miss Upton looks amazing no matter whether it is professional photo work or hurriedly-made selfie. Don't believe it? Just look and compare.

Kate Upton hardly had lost something. She has nothing to be ashamed about, because it is not her fault that web security happened to be so low. She is not paid for that. Nothing bad will happen to her, but there will be more of celebrity buzz about her in media which probably only will lead to growth of her international fan numbers.
In previous ‘special’ boobs Chronicle had yet presented advantages and warned about dangers of sexy selfies. In case of stars is should be added that with hacking skills like those of international computer masters you should keep anything you don’t want to be exposed out of any devices with internet connection. Of course, it is in case you don’t want it. In recent times devices were not so multi-function. And photo could not ‘run away’ from you, because there were no processor, OS and web connection. Maybe it is time to get good old digital cameras from bucket of forgotten items. One cannot hack it if there is nothing to hack.

There is also one interesting question. We know that previously, just few weeks ago Kiera Knightley revealed her looks for Interview magazine in front of lens of famous pro photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Then is it not better to act this way? For those who are maybe not that hot as Kate Upton, but still is very famous (not meaning Knightley in person) that may appear to be better opportunity when satisfying audience wish to see celebrity‘s body with care of professional stuff like those that Playboy and Maxim possess under command in order to be presented in the best light possible. Professional lighting, camera positioning together with little of photoshop work may reduce so many disadvantages.
Despite fact that Kate Upton failed to take good advice and followed route of many others and probably something happened she did not want to happen (because we yet cannot be sure about it), she still easily converts entire story to her full advantage. This is because her looks actually (no matter whether she is barely nude or whether she wears long coat) are undoubtedly listed among her greatest advantages.

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