Wednesday, September 17, 2014

That Looks Like Paris Hilton in Playboy.

Paris Hilton still doesn’t decide to appear on Playboy cover. But most famous men’s magazine always has whom to present equal in beauty. Zuzana Plačková and Renata Narkunaite are two beautiful girls who achieved status of Playmates. Zuzana portrayed Slovak version of Paris Hilton in her glamorous photo shoot. And Renata appeared in role of pretty country girl. These two girls have one thing in common – they look exactly like celebrity and top socialite known as Paris Hilton.

If you try to understand who Paris is on first image and you think it should be girl up (because Paris cannot be down, of course and obeying someone’s orders) then you are wrong, because they both are not Paris. They are two beautiful Paris-Hilton-look-a-like playmates.

Do you think you won’t be mistaken if you meet one of them in real life?