Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Know the Size after Look.

Sometimes Playboy model has different data about her breasts size in different international versions. If data may lie to you than how can you define real size of woman's breasts before making measurements? We sometimes may define the size approximately like we do always saying 'that is big' or 'that is not that big' or something else. But we even are not always able to say exactly about one thing that it is definitely bigger or smaller than other before measuring with some instrument. That should be rather difficult to define exact size just after look. You should take in account proportions and many things that may distort your perception. At least there is way to try training to do so. For example - by looking at things of different sizes. And BC has one method of visual training to propose. You will understand without words.

You will rarely see girl with 70 cm size at pages of men's magazines, but small breasts doesn't mean that girl is ugly or that she is not sexy. Actually it is matter of taste. Sexologists consider that men are fixed about big breasts, because of experience of childhood. In this age when kid is fed by mother breast that close to face seems to be very big. So if your mother didn't fed you with her breast you may be not that crazy about big sizes.
80 cm is size that may look to be well for girls who are not that tall. Remember that breast volume includes volume of that part of body including chest, but not only breasts actually. Proportion may mean more than actual digit.
85 cm. Another true is that modern standards of beauty are dependent on industrial activity of luxury companies. And they prefer to promote their goods with help of rather slim models with breasts that are not usually that big as ones of Kate Upton. And no matter how much most of girls experience envy about looks of miss Upton, catwalk is full of slim tall ladies with breasts size somewhere in between 84 - 89 cm.
Girl with 89 cm size will rarely write in her profile the exact measure, but most probably will succumb to international standard and will add one more centimeter as it does not matter that much. And who will check?
'90 cm' is probably most common size in playmate data sheet, because as considered 90-60-90 is absolute standard for contemporary beauty. But true that all absolute standards are too artificial to define the beauty, so when girl is not exactly this it may be not big problem. 
91 cm. If 90 cm is big enough to be good enough than, of course, anything that bigger than this is not worse for sure.
Big sizes do not garantee great looks. They are often do ot look that elegant. But in some cases (including some brilliant playboy models) sizes like 95 cm96 cm and 97 cm may outline great sexual power of their lucky owner.